At the end of 2018 I made a list of big goals that I wanted to make happen for my business in 2019. I decided that it would be helpful, to you guys and girls, for me to post a weekly review that keeps you up to date on how I am progressing towards these goals. Not only does the pressure of a weekly review keep me accountable, it also drives me to ensure that the big goals that I have stated are not simply dreams but, become a reality. 

For a quick re-cap of my big 2019 goals you can read them right here:

As it’s the first week of the year, I was only strictly back at work for 3 out of 5 days. Nevertheless here’s what happened this week:

This week I met a TV production company

Goal: To create my own TV show.

One of my big goals is to create a TV show. Just to provide you with a bit of content, my first global business, became a TV show in three countries in 2005 – 2006 and, afterwards, I went to work for the TV production company Endemol in TV Development. My job was literally to spend all day, every day coming up with the ideas for TV shows. 

My point in providing this context is to highlight that this goal is related to my previous experience, it’s realistic, it’s do-able. However, I am acutely aware of how much harder it is to actual turn an idea into one that gets aired on screen. For that reason, during my time off, I received an email from a TV producer stating that he had read my big goals and would love to meet up. However, he could only meet up when I had said that I was strictly off work as he was flying to Europe – I grabbed the opportunity. 

I met up with this TV Production and we discussed three ideas. It is usually the case that for every 100 ideas that are created, only one actually every makes it to the big screen. I knew that turning one of just three ideas into a TV idea was a long shot, however, I had to started somewhere.

Thankfully the TV production company loved each of these ideas and wanted to continue to work with me on them, to craft them, hone them and pitch them to TV channels. There was specific interest with one sports related concept that I am working on. 

It was awesome to receive a follow up email from this TV production company reassuring me that they are keen to continue with these ideas and to continue the conversation.

Growing My Current Business Whilst Pursuing My Big Goals 


  • To have 1000 students in my Million Dollar You Academy
  • To have 30 monthly Million Dollar You Events taking place in communities around the world

In all honesty I have felt slightly overwhelmed this week thinking about my quest to turn as many of these goals into a reality whilst, at the same time, growing my current business as it is. With that in mind I have focused this week on re-structuring my current business which has included:

Growing a team – As you grow your business there is tendency to want to do everything yourself for the purpose of;

  1. Generating as much revenue as you possibly can
  2. Because you trust that you can do it, and you fall into the trap of “no-one can do it better than me”.

However, it’s commonsense that in order to grow your business you have to grow your team. Over the past week I have thought about how to restructure my team including, building trust and responsibility of my current team; expanding my team to provide growth in certain key areas and to bring on new team members. During this week I have thought long and hard with regards to how to do this and now have a strategy to implement that I will share with you over the next few weeks. 

Launching My Content Domination System

Goal: To produce 365 pieces of video content utilising my Content Domination System to be shared across all my social media channels.

As you build your online business, content domination, has to be a core part of your marketing strategy. I encourage my clients to build a tribe utilising Facebook Group as the the first social media platform to build your tribe on. However, as your business grows, it is important to build your profile across many platforms including Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. For that reason, creating video content is key. 

At the beginning of December I took out three days with my camera team to film 120 short, 1-2 minute videos to be distributed across my social media platforms every day in 2019. 

The videos were shot, my expert team edited the videos and on January the 1st it was time to roll out the contention domination system. However, on the 1st January I decided that there was part of the style of the videos we had used that I wasn’t happy with. We had to edit 20 videos again and start the launch of the content domination roll out of the 2nd January.

Biggest Learning:

My biggest learning this week was that in order to rapidly grow my business and hit the goals that I have it’s important to be detached from the outcome. I am a big believe of this philosophy, in fact, it’s one that I teach my clients. However, in 2019 I knew that I needed to raise my game. 

Being detached from the outcome is the idea that we spend way too much time making a decision and as a result, we don’t go with our heart, we go with our head. Whilst it’s important to quickly reflect on whether the action that we are considering taking is sensible and is not an extremely crazy idea, for example, don’t put your last $5,000 on red. It is equally important that we act fast.

The more decisions that we make, the more we learn. The outcomes of those decisions may or may not be favourable, either way we learn. The more that we learn, the more experience we have  to rely on when making future decisions – our “experience bank widens”. Those who make the most decisions in business, will have the biggest growth in their business.

That’s my take our from this week.

I look forward to sharing with you more of my learnings next week.